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The Number of Test Results Transformation in Pilot Rural Reform Areas in Sichuan Province Ranking the First in the Country

  As of the end of last year, 15 test results in 4 nation-level pilot rural reform areas in Chengdu, Sichuan Province have been transformed into policies and measures in documents from the central government, the total number ranking the first in the whole country. This was what our reporter learned from Notice on Transformation of Test Results of Reforms in Pilot Rural Reform Zones Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China from the former Ministry of Agriculture on April 5.

  At the end of 2011, the former Ministry of Agriculture, together with relevant departments, approved the establishment of the first batch of 24 pilot rural reform zones throughout the country and initiated a new round of rural reform trials. In 2014, a second batch of 34 pilot rural reform areas was added. The test contents of the two batches covered all major fields of rural reform in China, and a relatively complete system of pilot reform was basically formed.

  Chengdu City, Shizhong District of Neijiang City, Bazhou District of Bazhong City, and Pengshan District of Meishan City, were involved in the country’s second batch of pilot rural reform areas, the approved amount being the country’s first. The 4 pilot rural reform areas were approved to undertake 14 pilot reform tasks such as the management and the withdrawal of land contracted management rights. Among them, Chengdu undertakes 7 projects, which is one of the areas with the most tasks in the second batch of rural reform trials.

  List of Transformations of Reform Achievements in Pilot Rural Reform Zones Since the 18th National Congress compiled and summarized by the former Ministry of Agriculture shows that by the end of 2017, there have been 84 test results in 68 trials were adopted by or have important influence on the formulating process of policies, documents, laws and regulations, including documents of the Central Committee of the CPC, amendments (drafts) of laws, documents of the State Council, documents of the General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC and the General Office of the State Council, industry documents, local regulations, and local documents.

  Since 2014, the 4 rural reform pilot zones in our province have been closely linked to the key areas and processes, gaining preliminary achievements. 15 test results in 5 aspects of the reform of the rural land system, the reform of the rural collective property rights system, the reform of the agricultural support and protection system, the reform of the rural financial system, and the improvement of the rural governance mechanism were transformed into relevant central policies and measures. For example, Shizhong District of Neijiang District “promulgating the examination and approval of conditions, land resumption procedures, compensation standards, fund raising for farmers’ withdrawal from land contracted management rights, exploring the use of self-raised collective economic organizations, financing with guarantee from financial institutions, and undertaking owners paying the rent, rural fiscal borrowing, and county-level fiscal subsidies, establishing rural equity withdrawing from storage funds” were absorbed by the No. 1 Central document in 2017 and translated into the policy of “allowing local governments to raise funds through multiple channels, which can be adopted in rural collectives voluntarily withdrawing from the contracted land and homestead after settling in cities”; Chengdu’s “improving a new type of village-level governance mechanism of ‘one core with diversity, cooperation, and joint governance’ stimulating the vitality of social organizations” was absorbed by Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening and Improving the Governance of the Urban and Rural Community; Bazhou District of Bazhong City’s “rating and crediting for poor families with recordings and filings, providing loans without mortgage or guarantee, establishing a three-level financial poverty alleviation service network of county, town and village, and exploring developing models of ‘Poverty Alleviation Industry Association Poverty Alleviation Industry Fund Cooperative’ with fiscal funds guiding the development of poverty alleviation” were absorbed into the Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Poverty Alleviation. In addition, there are 6 test results converted into No.1 document of the provincial party committee, Ten Major Action Plans of Promoting the Agricultural Supply-Side Structural Reform to Speed up the Transformation from a Large Agricultural Province to a Strong Agricultural Province and other provincial documents and policies.

  In addition to the pilot tasks assigned by the country, the 4 pilot rural reform areas in our province continue to expand new test content each year according to the requirements of self-declaration, provincial review, and national approval. For example, Chengdu has added 5 tasks, including a system of exploring and establishing new occupations for farmers this year and of division of three rights of homestead; Pengshan District of Meishan City added five tasks such as new uses of collectively-owned construction land, the introducing and cultivation of innovative rural talents. The 4 pilot reform zones in rural areas have added 16 trail tasks this year.

  In 2016, our province also introduced a program, which determines 21 provincial-level comprehensive pilot rural reform zones including 4 national-level ones and clarifies that all reform items, except those forbidden to be conducted without authorization of the central government, are allowed to be piloted in the Comprehensive Pilot Rural Reform Zone. It focus on enhancing the systematic exploration experience of the reform, providing practical basis for the establishment, reform, and repeal of existing laws and regulations, and exploring new ways for the province to comprehensively deepen rural reform. This is another important rural reform measure that our province has taken the lead in launching nationwide.


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