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222 Documents of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Sichuan Province Were Abolished

  Recently, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Sichuan Province announced to abolish the circular on the issuance of 222 documents ofhousing and urban-rural construction including Tendering and Bidding Management Measures ofProject Construction of Sichuan Province and Seven Implementation Measures of Tendering and Bidding onProjectConstruction of Sichuan Province, involving fields of construction services, engineering bidding and earthquake reconstruction technology guidelines, etc.

  The invalidated documents were those inconsistent with current laws and regulations in this area, beyond its expiration date of application, with its adjusting object disappearing, completing its tasks or covered or replaced by new ones. After annulled, these documents will no longer be used as the basis for administration.

  In recent years, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development continued to push forward the reform of streamlining governance, delegating authorities and optimizing services.Regulation on the Management of Bulk Cement in Sichuan Provinceand Administrative Measures of Rural Housing Construction in Sichuan Provincelegislated bythe residential construction areasuccessively passed the review and were implemented;4 laws and regulations including Regulations on Urban Landscaping in Sichuan Provincewere revised. At the same time, the department also cleaned out 97 government regulations and documents in the field of housing construction since the founding of new China and checked 409 normative documents issued by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Over half of them were abolished.


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