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Mr. Yin Li Presiding over the First Executive Meeting of the New Session of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government

  On Feb.2, Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, presided over the 1st Executive Meeting of the new session of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, where the work of social credit system and the provincial high-tech industrial park construction were studied and arranged.

  In the meeting, the report on the work of the province's social credit system construction was listened and Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Integrity in Government Affairs was approved, which clearly states that areas with high public attention where credit evasion occurred frequently will be managed with great efforts; in particular, it will speed up the establishment of dishonesty files for behaviors seriously endangering the interests of the masses or with unfairness or trade defaults and optimize disciplinary measures for them. We will improve the credit management mechanism in the areas of government procurement, governmental and social capital cooperation (PPP) as well as bidding and inviting investment to reduce the risk of losing trust in government affairs. At the same time, we shall establish a special supervisory mechanism from superiors, a horizontal supervisory mechanism for government affairs’ integrity, an evaluation and early warning mechanism for third-party social organizations, so as to comprehensively strengthen the supervision of the integrity of government affairs;Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Construction of Personal Credit Systemwas approved, whichis to establish a basic database of personal public credit information and personal credit records in key areas, strengthen the management of personal information security, provide more convenient service to individuals with good credit, and implement joint disciplinary measures for those with serious dishonesty in key areas.

  In the meeting, Sichuan Youxian Economic Development Zone, Sichuan Jiangyou Industrial Park, Meishan Economic Development Zone, the modern logistics port in West China Logistics Port and ZigongYantan Industrial Park were named provincial high-tech industrial parks.

  Other issues were also studied in the meeting.


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