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“Three Major Projects” in Sichuan Province to Comprehensively Improve Medical Service Level

  In 2018, Sichuan Province is to comprehensively launch "Three Major Projects" in medical service, namelythe "highly sophisticated and excellent" development project in major hospitals, the "service main responsibility" enhancement project at county-level hospitals and the "health gatekeeper" duty-performing project at grass root hospitals, which will lead to the improvement of medical service’s quality in our province. Our reporter recently learned this from Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province.

  From "High-Speed Growth" to "High-Quality Development"

  It has been learned that at present, medical service agencies in our province are facing many development challenges such as low level of institutions, huge unbalanced disciplines and personnel great in number not in quality. In order to solve these problems and promote medical industry totransform from "high-speed growth" to "high-quality development " and comprehensively improve the level of medical services, Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province will start implementing “Three Major Projects” in our province this year.

  "Three Major Projects" is learning from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and West China Hospital to promote the "highly sophisticated and excellent" development projectin large hospitals. Through it, our province's major hospitals will get comprehensive improvement in 8 aspects, namely party building, hospital management system, medical quality management, innovative service model, medical technology, enthusiasm of medical staff, characteristic culture, medical development and protection. Learning from Dong’e(a company producing donkey-hide gelatin) and XuanhanCounty to promote the"service main responsibility" enhancementproject in county-level hospitals. County-level hospitals in our province are making progress in the following 6 aspects: commonwealstrengthening, party building, medical technology, quality management, management level and support perfection. Learning fromFenghe and Tan Xiaoqin to promote the grass-root "health gatekeeper" duty-performing project. This is to help grass-root health care organizations and medical workers elevate their service quality in 5 areas: grass-root operation and management mechanism, medical service capacity, basic public health services, physicians signing with family and spreading spirit of good examples.

  Innovating Medical Service Model in 12 Aspects

  Along with "Three Major Projects," our province will also, focusing on "enhancing people’s treatment, happiness and trust in their medical service", implement a new round of three-year improvement of medical services where 6 effective and widely applicable measures of appointments for medical treatment, telemedicine, clinical pathway, mutual confirmation of test results, medical community and volunteers and medical ethics assessment are to become 6 working systems. Thus, we can strive to build a national high-quality medical service demonstration area. Besides, the medical service model will be innovated in 12 aspects to meet new needs of medical service.

  According to ShenJi, director of Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, these 12 aspects include: patient-centered promotion of multidisciplinary treatment mode; critical and severe illness-focused innovation of emergency treatment services; medical consortium-based offering of continuous medical service; dividend treatment of emergent and chronic disease with daytime services as an entry ; building smart hospitals by "Internet+"; realizing the interconnection of medical information with "one Card" as the goal; social needs-oriented quality care extension; contracted services-based expanding of new areas of pharmaceutical services; a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients with human services as an agent; improving the level of hospital services with logistics as a breakthrough; enhance blood-collecting service with innovative service approach as the starting point; promoting the improvement of medical services with professional evaluation as a means.

  Last year, our province also took the lead in establishing the regulatory platform of "Three Medicals" of medical institutions, medical personnel and medical conducts in China which is an active exploration of a new comprehensive supervision mode with Sichuan characteristics. The establishment of the dynamic and effective "Three Medicals” regulatory platform for the whole medical process not only provided full supervision before, during and after an incident, but also played a supervisory role in raising the overall level of medical services.


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