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China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Implementing 99 Pilot Reforms of “Separation of Business Certificate and Business License”

  The Pilot Reform Scheme of Business Licenses and Business Certificates’ Separation in China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone was published recently. 99 of the 116 reform items determined by opinions of the State Council have been issued in accordance with the actual conditions of our province and will be finished on December 21st this year.

  Official of Sichuan Provincial Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform said that the pilot is to build a legal, international and convenient business environment in the pilot free trade zone, help enterprises there to adapt to international trade rules and further release the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. The district-oriented pilot is to comprehensively promoted separation of business certificate and business license as well as other commercial system reform and administrative, examination and approval reform.

  Studying the pilot program, the reporter found that among the 99 items, 5 administrative examination and approval items were cancelled, 2 were transformed to be on record, 22 to inform commitments, 37 to be more transparent and predictable and 33 with strengthened market access regulation. Among them, issues with high public attention like the registration of drug advertisements recorded in other places, the approval of the use of radiopharmaceuticals by medical institutions (categories 1 and 2) and the qualification of private entry / exit agencies (excluding overseas employment and study abroad) were canceled. It has been known that for items with cancellation of the examination and approval, enterprises can directly carry out related business activities; for the filed issues, companies can carry out relevant business activities when submitted material according to the filing conditions; for those to inform commitment, companies need to promise to meet the approval conditions and submit the relevant materials. “To improve the transparency and predictability and strengthen market access regulatory, government or industry authorities with approval power will propose specific measures gradually.” The official said so.

  For the 99 pilot reform issues, departments will carry out supervision plan before, during and after each event to supervise enterprises; the free trade area will also make clear regulatory authorities, formulate regulatory measures and build a cooperative supervision mechanism with industry managing departments of province, cities and counties for real-time monitoring and supervision. In the pilot process, our province will also establish information sharing, inventory management, credit publicity and tracking evaluation system to ensure the smooth completion of the pilot work.

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