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Over 1700 Trains on Chengdu International Railway Setting Out

  At 16:35 on December 27th, the 1000th train on Chengdu International Railway set out slowly from the Chengdu international railway port. It carried 41 heavy cabinets with laptop computers, energy-saving light bulbs, clothing, and daily necessities in them, and will arrive in Tilburg, Holland in 14 days.

  It marks the realization of the “small target” ---- opening 1000 international trains in 2017, preliminary introducing the agglomeration effect of Chengdu international railway port. There are 1700 international trains in Chengdu now, accounting for 1/3 among that of the 35 cities with international trains, ranking the first in China. Among them, China-Euro (Chengdu-Euro) Express Railway has trains setting up every day, radiating most countries and regions along “the Belt and Road” with the most opening lines, stable frequency and obvious industry-driven effect.

  At present, the international railway of Chengdu has been connected to 14 node cities abroad, forming a Y-shaped international logistics corridor from Chengdu westward to the hinterland of Europe, northward to Russia and southward to ASEAN.

  As an important carrier of Chengdu’s opening up and interoperability, Chengdu international trains are stable and convenient with only 1/3 cost of that of shipping and 1/8-1/6 of air, therefore it has gradually become an important logistic passage of import and export of Chengdu and Sichuan with increasingly stronger influence at home and abroad. There are 15 trains setting out and 13 back every week. Products made in Chengdu and PanAsia are sent to Europe, while German cars, French wine, Poland beef, Italy furniture and other European high-end goods are running like wind in the Eurasian Continental Bridge. It is preliminarily estimated that in 2017, China-Euro (Chengdu-Euro) trains will drive more than 2 billion dollars export volume of Sichuan enterprises such as Lenovo.

  On the same day, Chengdu International Railway Port Investment Development Co., Ltd. also announced the opening plan of China-Euro (Chengdu-Euro) trains in 2018. According to the plan, it will maintain the first in the amount of setting-up train in 2018, and the domestic lines of “Chengdu- Euro+” are expanded to 12 with 1500 trains opened.

  Mr. Zhu Hexin, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, attended the departure ceremony of the1000th train in 2017 in Chengdu.



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