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Open Governance
Sichuan Province Releasing Basic Catalog of Government’s Initiative Information Disclosure of 20 Provincial Departments

  Recently, “Basic Catalog of Government Initiative Information Disclosure of 20 Provincial Departments” was formally launched. In recent years, Sichuan Province has tried a lot to keep government affairs known to the public, which is a powerful hand in provincial governance and administration according to law.

  Opening the website of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government then entering the column of “Basic Catalog of Government Initiative Information Disclosure of 20 Provincial Departments”, the information of the 20 departments including Sichuan Development and Reform Commission, Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Education Department and Public Security Department can be seen. Since 2017, Sichuan has selected 20 provincial departments directly involved in key livelihood issues, key projects and major administrative decisions from areas closely related to the masses. It has taken the initiative to release the basic catalog and further standardize the information disclosure in key areas with deepening of “five unveilings”, namely unveiling of decision-making, of implementation, of management, of service and of results.

  The compilation started from what the masses most concerned about and comprehensively sort out the list of power, of responsibilities and of public services which should be known to all. In the catalog, each public issue is properly and clearly categorized by its name, content, basis, subject, responsibility room, time limit and method, etc. In order to fully listen to the opinions of the masses, all departments will also compile the catalog, collect public opinions through websites and other channels as well as further amend and optimize the catalog to improve public participation and identity. As of December 31st, 2017, the basic catalog of information disclosure of 20 government departments were compiled and announced.

  It has been learned that in 2018, 20 departments that have formulated basic catalogs will, in combination with the ongoing standardization of public affairs at the grass-roots level, further adjust and perfect the public catalog as well as standardize and optimize the opening processes. Other provincial departments will make reference to the catalog to establish their own ones, which will gradually cover the entire field and continuously improve the standardization of initiative information disclosure.

  Unveiling government affairs is an important system for the rule of law and an effective measure to supervise the operation of administrative power as well as an important path for building an efficient, transparent and clean government. The voluntary disclosure of the basic catalog of government information at the provincial level is only one of the tasks in the government's sustained efforts. Since 2017, the website of Sichuan Provincial Government has planned and launched 14 government affairs topics such as “Comprehensive Innovative Reform” and “Promoting Green Development”, releasing the updating of government service platform and key projects such as environment inspectors. In September 2017, “Implementation Plan for Standardization of Information Disclosure of Grass-root Government in Sichuan Province” was promulgated, deciding to conduct pilot projects in eight counties (cities and districts) such as Xinjin County, West District of Panzhihua City and Hejiang County for the standardization of grassroots government affairs disclosure, so as to reduce the “last mile” between government affairs and the public.

  Regardless of the real-time release of key tasks, the disclosure of the grass-root government affairs at the pilot level, or the release of the basic catalog of government information, all makes government affairs more truly veritable and more effective. Sichuan has made brilliant achievements in the exploration of government affairs. In 2017, the assessment results of provincial government websites showed that the information index of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Website ranked No.1 in China.

  Timely response to people’s expectations and concerns is a very important symbol of “modern government”. Sichuan has comprehensively promoted government affairs disclosure, opening a “highways” for the masses to obtain information and supervise government power. This is not only a way to enhance the government’s credibility and create a transparent and clean government but also an active measure to respond to people’s expectations and concerns and enhance their sense of gaining.

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