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Sichuan Specifies 43 Tasks to Stimulate Investment Vigor in Social Sectors

  To further stimulate the investment vigor in social sectors of Sichuan including health care, filial nursing, education, culture, sports and so on and strive to increase product and service supply, the General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government has recently released Task Division Notice of Implementing Opinions of The General Office of The State Council Concerning Further Motivating Investment Vigor in Social sectors proposing 43 tasks and requirements of 5 aspects including easing market access, broadening financial channels, implementing land and taxation policies, enhancing integrated innovation development, and optimizing services and so on.

  What worth noticing is that in order to implement these tasks, the notice has also proposed that Sichuan will release relevant policies and documents. Reporters have found that there will be 19 important documents for these motivation tasks involving Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province, Department of Civil Affairs of Sichuan Province, Department of Education of Sichuan Province, Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, Department of Sports of Sichuan Province, Department of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Development and Reform Commission, Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and so on.

  Encouraging social capital to participate into public services and promoting private management in public filial nursing institutes

  The notice has proposed to formulate implementation detailed rules or working promotion schemes concerning encouraging social capital participate into health care, filial care of the elderly, education, culture, sports and so on, specify working targets, detailed measures, and evaluation schemes, ease market access, and vigorously encourage social capital to participate into public service.

  Sichuan will also deepen supply side reform in sectors with enormous social demands, short supply, and high voices including health care and filial care of the elderly, strengthen the construction of service capacity by combining health care and filial nursing, accelerate to promote the standardization and normalization, conduct in-depth research and investigation surrounding difficult problems, concentrate on solving problems such as physicians practicing at multiple facilities, inclusion in medical insurance sentinel, financial difficulties of filial nursing institutes.

  Sichuan will also research and release implementation measures for whole process comprehensive examination and approval instruction in different departments concerning institute establishment in health care, filial nursing, education, culture, sports and so on, solidify examination and approval conditions, regulate procedures, shorten time limitation, and improve efficiency, and achieve one-station acceptance, querying for examination and approval process, and parallel examination and approval in different regions and departments.

  Sichuan will support private capital integration and transform idle social resources participating into filial nursing, promote the reform pilot for public filial nursing institutes, support to construct and develop filial nursing institutes in joint stock, joint-stock cooperation system, public-private partnership system and so on, enhance private management in public filial nursing institutes, and support the development of private management by supplying operation subsidy, service purchasing and so on.

  Expanding financing channels and exploring the releasing products of stocks and bonds

  The notice has required to vigorously support companies with relevant eligible conditions to release corporate bonds, non-financial corporate debt financing tools and asset security products, actively explore combining bonds and debts to satisfy regular operation fund demands, continue to expand the publicity, promotion and training for fund securitization, and encourage and guide companies to invigorate the existing stock resources and optimize asset and liability management through asset security.

  Sichuan will improve “1+X” mechanism, guide social capital to involve the construction and operation of medical institutes, filial nursing service institutes, health care and filial nursing combination institutes, education institutes, cultural facilities, sports facilities through PPP mode.

  Sichuan will also support enterprises to apply for pledge loans through stock rights, promote enterprises in social sectors to apply for pledge loans through benefit rights, accounts receivable, and other eligible asset rights in accordance with law and other administrative regulations, encourage relevant industrial financing, guaranteeing and information comprehensive platforms, enhance financial intermediary service system, provide discount, subsidies, and rewards through financial funds, explore and allow profit-making filial nursing, education and other social sectors to apply for mortgage finance by payable lands, facilities and other assets.

  Implementing land and taxation policies and encouraging land supplying by transferring and renting

  Sichuan will further optimize land use structure and layout, enlist land use in health care, filial nursing, education, culture, sports and so on into the comprehensive planning and urban and rural planning, conduct differential and precise management when compiling annual planning and indicators in increasing new construction land, give priority to land in these social sectors, and expand land supply in an orderly way.

  Government could supply land through allocating for health care, filial nursing, education, culture, sports and so on which conform to land allotted land usage list. Sichuan will encourage land supplying through transferring and lent with the volunteering agreement of land users for projects eligible for allotted lands, encourage municipal and county governments to supply lands through usage rights of construction lands or shares in order to jointly construct these projects with social capital.

  Companies which change old factory plants and warehouses into cultural innovation or leisure places could continue to enjoy transitional policies within 5 years based on original land right categories.

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