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Sichuan Breaks Foreign Monopoly of Numerical Simulation Software System of Aero-engine Combustion

  The Development and Application of Numerical Simulation Software System of Aero-engine Combustion project led by Sichuan Province has received special financial support from High-performance Calculation, a national key R&D project, with a total amount of 25.67 million yuan.

  The project is led by Sichuan University and collaboratively implemented by other advantaged institutions including Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tsinghua University, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, Sichuan Combustion Gas Turbine Institute of Aero Engine Corporation of China, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, National University of Defense Technology, and Beijing Propulsion Machinery Institute. The project, oriented to China’s current super computer and E-level computer in the future, aims to develop high-fidelity and high-performance numerical simulation software system which owns independent intellectual property rights and is applicable to all aero-engine combustors. The system can apply to various kinds of combustor simulation and support China’s aero-engine design.

  It is known that numerical simulation is an effective method to obtain a full description and analysis of aero-engine combustion process and an important part of the pre-design of advanced aero-engines. At present, the numerical simulation of combustion relies mainly on foreign commercial software in aero-engine research and development and manufacturing. Due to market monopoly, foreign commercial software is excessively expensive and exercises high-end technical embargo on China. The success of the project will develop a set of high-fidelity and high-performance numerical simulation software system which increases the current commercial software computing ability in China by one to two levels with parallel computing ability reaching million-core scale and parallel efficiency 30% more than ten-thousand-core scale. The success of the project is expected to break the monopoly and technical embargo of foreign high-end CFD software, promote the transformation of China’s aero-engine research and manufacturing from traditional design to pre-design, and strengthen the innovation ability and core competitiveness of aero-manufacturing in China.


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