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Sichuan Releases The First Provincial Integrated Business Certificate

  Since September 25th, Sichuan has comprehensively implemented “integrating multiple certificates and licenses into one with a unique code” reform. On the morning of September 25th, Ma Honglin, Executive Manager of Sichuan Tianyi Ecological Park Group, has received business license from the registration window of Administration of Commerce and Industry at Sichuan Provincial Government Affairs Service Center, which is the first integrated business license issued by provincial window since Sichuan implements “integrating multiple certificates and licenses into one with a unique code” reform.

  It has been revealed from the news briefing of “integrating multiple certificates and licenses into one with a unique code” reform on September 25th that the highlight of the reform is the innovation in integration methods. On the basis of the former regulation “integrating five certificates and licenses into one”, 15 relevant licenses or certificates for companies including business qualification records for entertainment venues, registration records for housing accumulation fund deposits, records for travel agencies and so on. These integrated licenses will no longer released. Meanwhile, agricultural departments “approval for operating and using aquatic wild animals and aquatic plants with important economic values” and food and drugs departments “remote records for food and drugs advertisements” will be suspended. “Currently, apart China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has concealed or suspended license affairs, Sichuan has taken the leading role in suspending these two licenses.” Relevant responsible officials from Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce indicate.

  Dynamic management for integrated affairs is another highlight. Sichuan has proposed to implement “1+X-N” reform modes in an innovative way and established two dynamic letters, namely “X" indicating record affairs integrated into business license, and “N” indicating record affairs concealed or suspended. “X” and “N" will be adjusted dynamically in accordance with the modification of laws and regulations and the promotion of integrating and closely combined with the reform tasks expanding the pilot scope of “license and certificate separating”. 

  The reform has made full use of the information sharing and supervision coordinating platforms between government departments in Sichuan which have been built in the end of 2016. The platforms have made it possible to accomplish information sharing and business coordination between departments. Departments concerning license and certificate integration will gather information from the sharing and coordinating platforms. Taking the information from the platforms as supervision foundation, these departments will timely upload administrative punishment information onto the platforms in order to break information isolation between departments and achieve the appealing of “more data sharing and fewer efforts for people”. Meanwhile, Sichuan has a unified standard for integration and allowed municipal government to increase affairs moderately on the basis of provincial unified integrated affairs which reserves space for local governments to promote this reform in order to effectively enhance streamline administration and delegate power to lower levels.

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