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The Construction of Major Projects in Sichuan Province Keeps Refreshing Records

  For Sichuan Province, September of this year epitomizes a rich harvest. A series of major international exhibitions and investment promotion conferences were held in Sichuan this September, including the fifth China (Mianyang) Science& Technology International High-Tech Expo, the 16th Western China Overseas Hi-tech and High-Talents Conference, the 2nd Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo & Western China (Sichuan) International Investment Conference, andthe 4th Sichuan InternationalTravel Expo. Followed by these events were a large number of signed contracts and investment——on September 8th, 117 projects were signed together, introducing capital of 88.689 billion yuan; on September 13th, contracts of 39projects were sighed, with agreement investment of 59.92 billion yuan; on September 15th, 692formal project contractswere signed, bringing in a total investment of 632.9 billion yuan; on September 17th, 28 projects of 68.5 billion yuan were signed. During the activities, Qin Xiangdong, deputy general manager of BOEChengdu Branch, invited global enterprises to"come to Sichuan, come to Chengdu.”

  With a large number of projects of key infrastructure and major industry landing, constructing, and operating in Sichuan, the province has become more attractive and competitive, building a foundation for development in the future.

  Construction of major projects keeps renewing the records.

  The provincial government has repeatedly stressed that the work of these signed projectsshould be treated as important main framework in all our economic developemnt to expand effective investment demand.

  Construction of major projects has repeatedly hit a new record in their planning, attracting, service-providing and reservingin a pragmatic atmosphere.

  In 2012, 12 new projects with investment of over 10 billion yuan in our province went into operation, the project number increasing to 37 in 2016. In 2012, projects with investment of above 10 billion yuan each brought in investment of 260 billion yuan altogether, which exceeded 570 billion yuan in 2015, and jumped to more than 990 billion yuan in 2016. According to statistics by May this year, 104 projects with investment of more than 10 billion yuan were put into operation over the past 5 years, the involving total investment reaching more than 2.6 trillion yuan.
In 2016, 32303new projects started their operation inour province; the contributingrate of their completed investment was 85% to the growth of social investment,ushering in 10.3 percentage points of the province's investment growth.Covering infrastructure and basic industries, these projectsplaya significant role in current steady economic growth.More importantly,they can also adjust the structure, improve weak links, anddevelop new driving force with their strong support, agglomeration and wide influence.

  Strengthen areas of weakness and reshape the transportation network of Sichuan Province.
The artery of transportation was opened in a project in the most precipitous area in Sichuan. After 5 years’ hard work in the plateau, Queershan Tunnel, known as "the most precipitous districtin the Sichuan-Tibet highway”,will be opened soon.It will then take people only 15 minutes’drive to get through it. Xi'an-Chengdu High Speed Railway will also run in the high mountains and lofty hills soon. After its operation, 3 hours’driving will be enough for the commute between Xi’an and Chengdu, the two staring city respectively of the Northern and Southern Silk Road in ancient China.

  Up to now, the mileage of the expressway, railway, and high-grade waterway in Sichuan has respectively reached 6610 km, 4623 km, and 1515 km. There are 29 main roads leading to Sichuan, 12 of which are newly added. Chengdu Tianfu International Airport has started its construction, which will lay a foundation for Chengdu becoming an international aviation hub of national level. Great efforts have been put into the improvement of weak areas and the reshaping of the transportation network of Sichuan in an all-dimensional way, exemplified by the shipping of Yangtze River andChina-Europe Express (Chengdu-Europe Express Railway).

  Boost a number of key industries

  "Transformation leads to better development. Later starter also needs a better outset.”In the past five years, Sichuan Province had paid close attention to major industrial projects, unswervingly deepened structural reform of the supply side, particularly focusing on cultivating five high-end growing industries and five new pilot-oriented service industries, thus our industrial strength has advanced to a new stage.

  Since this October, BOE's AMOLED flexible screen production line ofthe 6th generation will begin its mass production in Chengdu; China's first flexible display screen production line will also start in Sichuan.

  From producing salt to making airplanes --- the millennium Salt City---Zigong, with projects of Czech’s light aircraft manufacturing and R & D and production of D6 commercial aircraft, has interpreted a quick development of an old industrial city. Ziyang, starting from scratch, are building the country's only whole industry chain of oral cavity equipment and material industrial base for the pursuit of "arm the teeth" of this industry.

  With the booming of key industries of aviation and gas turbine, information security, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, bio-medicine, modern finance, tourism, and graphene, Sichuan has experienced a great transformation due to industrial projects. By the end of 2016, the total output value of high-tech industries in Sichuan reached 1.6 trillion yuan, and the contribution rate of science and technology to economic growth was 52%.

  Major projects such as poverty alleviation have been accelerated.

  Insisting on the principle of focusing on projects, promoting development and improving people's livelihood, Sichuan has speeded up the implementation of major projects including poverty alleviation, livelihood improvement and development in ethnic minorityareas to fulfill its commitmentsforpeople.

  10 projects and 20 activities to improve people's livelihood are to be carried out every yearin the whole province. At the same time, great efforts have been made in “three major campaigns" of prevention and control to atmospheric, water and soil pollution.Besides, 6 livelihood projects are tailored for the Tibetan area, and10 poverty alleviation projects are carried outin Liangshan District where Yi ethnic group lives.The principle of giving priority to people’s livelihood is adhered in the reconstruction of Lushan, an earthquake stricken area, therefore, its urban and rural housing reconstruction is put in the first place......

  Many investors feel that the social environment in Sichuan is harmonious and stable, with its internal power orderly switched and the development conditions greatly improved. Focusing on projects, Sichuan is making headway towards a comprehensive well-off societyand an economically-strong province. In 2016, its total economic volume reached 3.26 trillion yuan, jumping to the 6th in China.


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