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GovernorYin Li Presided Over the 156th Executive Conference of SichuanProvincial People’s Government

  On September 18th, Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, presided over the 156th executive conference of the provincial government, where the reform of “Integrating Multiple LicensesIntoOne" and the work of supporting social forces for medical treatment were studied and deployed.

  Implementation Plans of “Integrating Multiple Cards into One” in Sichuan Provincewas approvedin the conference, which has decided that the reform about cards would be implemented from September 25th this year. Multiple documents and licenses of 15 related companies in 6 sectors including public security, housing, commerce, transportation, tourism, and customs will be firstly integrated into the business license on the basis of the former regulation “integrating five certificates and licenses into one”. Now, program of “integrating 20 documents and licenses into one” is implemented in the whole province; handling of licenses and certificates of the department of agriculture as well as food and drug agency are suspended and the integrated licenses will never be issued after the reform. According to the new reform, having submitted the materials and documents needed for registration to the registration window of Administration of Commerce and Industry,enterprises need no longer submit any other materials.Then the department will issue business license with unified social credit code after examination in accordance with the mode of operation“one set of materials, one registration sheet, oneservice window ".

  Besides, Implementation Plan of SupportingSocial Forces to Provide Diverse Medical Serviceswas approvedin the conference, encouraging the development in key sectors of general medical service, advantages in specialist medical service, traditional Chinese medicine and cutting-edge medical services as well as personalized medical service in an all-round and orderly way. Departments and administration in this sector are required toease market access, simplify approval service, and strengthen cooperation and supervision before and in the midst of incidents, so as to further stimulate social investment activity in the medical field, and better meet people's diverse needs towards multi-level medical services.

  Other issueswere also discussed in the conference.

  Before the executive conference, Kou Gang, the executive dean of the School of Business Administration of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, introducedthe construction of social credit system.

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