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Goods of the First Trial Logistic Order of “Air-Railway Transportation” in China Arrived in Sichuan Province

  On September 12th, a batch of goods from Hong Kong, China arrived in Shuangliu International Airport of Chengdu by flight 3U8618, and was then shipped to its consignee in Mianyang at 15:00 on the 13th by highspeed railway C6310. The whole process lasted about 18 hours.This is the first trial of"high-speed railway + air" cross-border logistics order prompted by Chengdu Railway Bureau together with China Railway Express, Sichuan Airlines, Sichuan Airport Group, Sinotrans and many other enterprisesafter the introduction of multimodal transport.

  Our reporter has learned that this trial is to achieve the goal of “one person, one logistics sheet, one cargo case, one autograph and one check for the whole delivery process” in the new logistics model. That means the consignor can receive convenient logistics service after filling only one sheet of “air-railway transportation”, without the need to contact with the carrier; besides, goods is packaged in one case or box from the beginning of its delivery so that the chance of being damaged or lost is greatly reduced. Logistics enterprises launching the program of “Air-railway transportation” have reached a consensus through full consultation in aspects of security standards, bill of lading, delivery channels, and shipment unit. They have further exploredways to the reduction of cargo handling, waybill information sharing, and mutual recognition of security standards which will entail customers a more convenient and safer shipment. It is a new attempt to speed up the integration and development of different transportation modes.

  Previously, Sichuan has successfully issued China’s first "high speed railway + air" domestic logistics order on August 29th.On this basis, Chengdu Railway Bureau, has further discussed with other logistics companies to look for cooperation space in the market of cross-border mail delivery.This is the first cross-border logistics order of a new model of multimodal transport.

  In recent years, with the improvement of high-speed railway network, Chengdu Railway Bureau, based on industries in Sichuan and the opening-up strategy, has produced the transport model of aviation and railways in cooperation with Sichuan airlines and other logistics companies,with the advantage of Chengdu, the unique logistics hub.They are striving to build a fast, safe and logistics multimodal which networks the whole world, further reduce the real cost of logistics enterprises, and improve the social logistics efficiency.

  We also learnt that Chengdu Railway Bureau, acting upon the call to develop multimodal from the national and local governments, is working with enterprises of highway and aviation to build a multimodal ecosystemconnecting“international aviation, railways and land way”; which is based in Sichuan, covers the western China and networks the globe. The multimodal transport is another try from the railway sector to deepen the supply-side reform, accelerate the construction of modern logistics enterprises, and serve for the national initiative “Belt and Road”. At present, Chengdu Railway Bureau is working together with China Railway Express, Sichuan airlines and other companies to accelerate the pace of cooperation. Their plan is to attract cargoesfrom Europe, Asia and the United States to further expand cooperation in the market by relying on the advantage of high-speed rail and air transport integration.


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