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The Inaugural Ceremony of World Tourism Federation Held in Chengdu

  On the evening of September 12th, the inauguralceremony of World Tourism Federation and theevent of "Beautiful China•One night inChengdu " was held in Chengdu, Sichuan.Mr. TalebRifai, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Prince Sultan Ben Salman Ben AbdelazizArasat, chairman of the general mechanism of tourism and historical sites of Saudi Arabia, Mr, Mikhail Janelize, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Ministerof the Republic of Georgia, Mr.Jo Natuman,Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu andSecretary of Commerce and Tourism Ministry, Mr.LiJinzao,Director of the National Tourism Bureau, andMr.Yin, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, attended the event.

  The World Tourism Federation is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization that negotiates and cooperates with tourism organizations around the world. It will be a platform of cooperation, co-construction and sharingfor the global tourism industry.

  Mr. Li Jinzao, on behalf of the National Tourism Bureau, welcomeddelegates from more than 100 countries and regions gathering in Chengdu to witness the birth of an important international tourism organization. He said thatWorld Tourism Federation, with the purpose of “Better Travelling, Better World” and the mission of tourism promoting peace and development and alleviating poverty, will work with World Tourism Organization to strengthen the communication and cooperation of tourism sectors in the whole world through governments and non-governmental organizations on the basis of mutual- trust, respect and win-win development. The newly-born World Tourism Federation is the product of the innovation and development of the world tourism industrywith sacred responsibility and importantmissions; it needs continuous support from all sides.

  Mr. TalebRifaisaid in his speech that the World Tourism Federation brings the elites of global tourism industry together, gathering many national tourism associations, tourism enterprises, scientific research institutes, and think tanksof experts around itself, layinga more solid foundationfor the prosperousdevelopment of tourism industry in the future. China's launch and establishment of the World Tourism Federation has once again demonstrated its leadership, decisiveness and vision in the tourism industry. The United Nations World Tourism Organization stands ready to join hands with the federationto create a better future through tourism.

  Mr. DuanQiangsaid in his speech that the World Tourism Federation is willing to work with the international tourism industry in the spirit of equality, tolerance and cooperation through sharing and co-construction of the platform as well as mutual learning andmutualbenefit, so that its purpose can be fully achieved and the concept of sustainable development can bear fruitsin the tourism industry.

  In the following event "Beautiful China•One night inChengdu ", Mr. Rifai welcomed guests presenting in the hometown of giant pandas and congratulated on the remarkable achievements gained by China for the benefit of mankind and the earth through the great power of the reform of tourism industry. He said that tourism boasts good prospect for development and called on peopleto work together to paint a better picture of the future of tourism with Chengdu being the first step of the journey---- tourism makes the world a better place.

  Mr. Yin Li, representing the people's government of Sichuan Province and people of Sichuan, expressed his sincere congratulation on the establishment of World Tourism Federation. He said tourism is a bridge for the communication of culture and civilization and strengthening of friendship. Sichuan has made great efforts to promote the development of the tourism industry to make Sichuan an important tourist destination in the world.Today, Sichuan,a province full of vitality, is showing its unique charm.Diligence,wiseand hospitable Sichuan people sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to the magical and beautiful land for sightseeing and leisure tour.

  Mr.LuoQiang, Deputy Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chengdu, introduced and promoted Chengdu’s city image.

  Mr.Du Jiang, Deputy Director of National Tourism Administration and Mr. YangHongbo, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, together withheads of tourism supervision departments and international tourism organizations leaders from more than 100 countries and regions and representatives of the world's leading tourism enterprises and tourism research institutions attended the event.

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