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13,078 New Enterprises Establishing in Sichuan Free Trade Pilot Zone

  Since its official opening on April1stthis year, Sichuan free trade zone has become a big hit for all kinds of capital, constantly breaking new record of investment. According to the newest data from Free Trade Office of Sichuan Province, by  August31st, there are 13,078 new enterprises in this zone, with 85 companies newly added each day on average.

  Recently, Sichuan Airlines One Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd just has settled in the free trade pilot zone in Tianfu New Area. It is the first aircraft leasing company in western China(for special purpose). “The first peace of its business is likely to be officially conducted in October”, Chen Jing, the manager of Sichuan Airlines’ aircraft management office said. He also claimed that they would try some innovative business like aircraft direct renting, subleasing and disposal,etc. To further extend the industrial chain and the scope of business, they will actively research and carry out the engine, aviation equipment and accessories rental business.

  This is an epitome of enterprises competing in settling in Sichuan Free Trade Pilot Zone.
Meeting the standard international trade and investment rules to promote the construction of free trade pilot area, Sichuan is accelerating the formation of internationalization, rule of law, facilitating the business environment, and making itself the western investment hot land. There are 12,959 domestic enterprises, with registered capital of 182.47 billion yuan and 1.19 billion yuan of domestic capital increasing every day; There are 119 foreign-invested enterprises,more than one third of newly established foreign-invested enterprises in the whole province, among which contracted foreign investment is worth of 8,612.5 million.

  Thanks to the full-speed reform of facilitating trade and investment, enterprises are pouring in. In Sichuan, more than 95% of foreign-invested enterprises are suitable for the filing management of foreign-invested enterprises. The time for material record and processing has been reduced by about 90% and more than 50% respectively. The average customs clearance time in Chengdu Guanping Customs is among the highest in the whole country, with 8.84 hours of import and 0.75 hour of export, respectively shortened by 6.26 hours and 0.45 hours compared with that of 2016. The district administrative examination and approval time is shortened by 80% in Lingang District in South Sichuan.

  High-end industries are speeding up in congregation. At present, 350 projects have signed with Sichuan Free Trade Pilot Zone, of which 131 projects are worth more than 100 million yuan, focusing on the financial leasing, headquarters economy, intelligent terminal, modern logistics, cultural tourism, international trade, equipment manufacturing and other industries. The first aircraft leasing company in western China, the country's first large-scale logistics unmanned aerial vehicle headquarters base have settled in Chengdu. The first intelligent terminal industry chain project has been introduced to Luzhou and the first "made-in-Luzhou " smart phones were off the assembly line. Sino-German innovation platform has over 30 contracted promoted projects like ALBA venous industrial park, Bosch parts, Sino-German vocational education center, BMW engine R & D and manufacturing.

  Sichuan is the strategic hinterland and an important fulcrum of the inter-connected development of “One Belt One Road Initiative”, an important gateway to the south and the west. Based on the three large area of Sichuan Free Trade Pilot Zone (Chengdu Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port Area, Lingang Area in South Sichuan),three trade channels-- the airport, railways, water transport , can triple their advantages and effectively drive the development and opening up of Sichuan, western China and even the whole country . By  September10th, Chengdu opened the 508th China-European (Chengdu) train, ranking first in the country in the total number, accounting for 1/3 of all the China-European trains; Chengdu international (regional) airline routes have exceeded 100 lines, and reached 102 by the end of July. The Chengdu airport can have all-weather customs clearance in the future. In the first half year, Bonded Logistics Center (B-type)in Luzhou port supervised bonded goods of 75.43 million US dollars value, an increase of 11 times over last year.

  With Airline, railways, waterways playing their role together, the free trade pilot zone system is speeding up the release of dividends, which has effectively promoted a year-on-year growth of 59.1% if our province's imports and exports from January to July with and a growth of 17.1% in service section.


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