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Bonded Transaction Platform of Timber Will Be Set in China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone

  On September 6th, the 7th World Timber and Wood Products Conference will be held in Chengdu  in order to better know about the current conditions and developing trend of international timber market and promote the communication and cooperation of the timber transaction and market. Senior government officials, representatives of timber industry, experts and representatives from international organizations from over 20 countries including Finland, Russia, New Zealand, the USA, Germany and Brazil will attend this grand international meeting.

  Hosted by China Timber &Wood Products Distribution Association,the Timber Trading Center of Tianfu Mercantile Exchange and China International Timber Net,the conference is organized by the Import and Export Business Council of China Timber &Wood Products Distribution Association,Qingbaijiang International Timber Trading Center .

  According to the president of CTWPDA, China is now the world's largest processing,trading and cosumption country of timber and wood products, whose annual output value of timber and wood products processing has exceeded 2 trillion yuan.

  “Our province is working hard to seize the opportunities in timber market.  At present, Sichuan has become China's largest cork products trading market and the second largest cork products processing base.”Liu Angsheng , the chairman of Tianfu Mercantile Exchange said.With the establishment of the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zoneand the operating of the Chengdu-Europe Railway, the Sichuan wood products production base and the European timber origin is closely linked.Tianfu Mercantile Exchange will soon establish bonded trading platform of timber,state - level wood testing scale center and wood sample exhibition hall in China (Sichuan)Pilot Free Trade Zone. “Sichuan may become China's largest timber market in the future .” Liu said.


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