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Governor Yin Lin Proposes 5 Suggestions On Deepening Cooperation Between Sichuan and Hong Kong

  On Sichaun•Hong Kong•Macao Cooperation Week Sichuan Promotion Conference on International Cooperation Under the Belt and Road Initiative, Mr. Yin Li, Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, indicates that in the 20 years since Hong Kong returning to the motherland and under the support of the Central Government, people between Sichuan and Hong Kong are getting more close. Exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Sichuan have been continuously deepened. Meanwhile, Hong Kong and Sichuan have formed a sound pattern of government planning, higher official promoting, wide participation, and win-win benefit. In the future, Hong Kong and Sichuan will have more solid cooperative foundations, more mature cooperative conditions, and wider cooperative futures.

  Governor Yin Li also proposes 5 suggestions on promoting the win-win cooperation between Sichuan and Hong Kong to deeper levers, wider fields and higher standards.

  First, we should further deepen cooperation in the Belt and Road construction. We should jointly construct land and air corridors in the Belt and Road initiative, deepen cooperation in zero tariff in cargo trade, expanding the marketing access of service trade, and implementing trade investment convenience and so on, and enlarge the supply of qualified agricultural products such as vegetables, meat and so on to Hong Kong. He has wished that Hong Kong could continue to be the super contractor of Sichuan to the world, help Sichuan to attract and introduce more excellent experts and advantageous companies, and promote more Sichuan-made products to go globally.

  Second, we should further deepen cooperation in the construction of China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. We should strengthen linkage in aspects including trade supervision, financial innovation, investment management, capacity cooperation, cargo customs clearance and so on. Sichuan will learn from Hong Kong for successful experience and innovate trade supervision systems with the highlight on trade convenience.

  Third, we should further deepen cooperation in special service development concentrating on finance. Sichuan welcomes more Hong Kong financial institutes to establish branches in Sichuan, supports Sichuan enterprises to be enlisted in Hong Kong, participates into international mergers and acquisitions, and conducts international cooperation, and hopes that more logistics, accounting, consulting and legal enterprises to be settled in Sichuan.

  Fourth, we should further deepen cooperation in tourism development. Sichuan will support more HK enterprises to invest industrial integrated development projects including tourism, sports, and health, and jointly create world tourism important destinations and international tourism super transfer station.

  Fifth, we should further deepen cooperation in cultural exchanges. We should conduct “young talent exchange program”, jointly protect giant pandas, strengthen cooperation in education and health care, and promote cooperation in industries including music and culture and so on.


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