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Sichuan Will Establish 5 No Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fly Zones Since Sept. 20th

  Sichuan Safety Management Contemporary Regulations For Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will take effect on September 20th, 2017. The regulations have specified that real-name mechanism have been adopted in purchasing civil unmanned aerial vehicles and drivers must get the driver’s license first. Companies producing civil unmanned aerial vehicles should install flight control chips, develop software to identify forbidden flying regions, and adopt technical measures to prevent the vehicles from modification or technical alternation.

  According to the data provided by Civil Aviation Administration of China, there are 44 reports concerning civil unmanned aerial vehicles interrupting flight regular operation, increasing 37 reports in the first half year of 2017. Meanwhile, there are 790 flights which have been affected, increasing 689 flights compared with that of 2016. Civil unmanned aerial vehicle industry has developed rapidly. But currently there is no regulation or law for it, highlighting legal and regulatory blanks. The releasing of these regulations of Sichuan will be expected to change this situation.

  The regulations have also specified that without approval, civil unmanned aerial vehicles are forbidden to fly in 5 no-fly regions including 10 km of both sides of civil airport tracks, 20 km of the ends of civil airport tracks, 15 km of both sides of military airport tracks and 20 km of the ends of military airport racks, 100 meters away from military administrative zones, prisons, power plants, and so on, 50 meters within railways, expressways, ultra-high voltage transmission lines, major prevention and control target zones including large military industrial companies, communication companies, the producing and storage of dangerous chemical materials, material restoration and so on, and contemporary control areas announced by provincial or municipal governments.

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