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Sichuan: Constructing At Least 1 World First-Rate University By 2020

  Sichuan has actively advanced the construction of “Double first-rate”, enlisted it into Sichuan Comprehensive Reform Scheme of Deepening Higher Education, released The 13th Five-Year Plan For Education Development, specified phased construction goal including promoting the construction of first-rate colleges and establishing at least 1 university as world first-rate. Specifically:

  Firstly, enhancing top-level design. Sichuan has enlisted the construction of “Double first-rate” into Sichuan Comprehensive Reform Scheme of Deepening Higher Education and The 13th Five-Year Plan For Education Development in order to promote it systematically. Sichuan has also drafted Sichuan Implementation Opinions Concerning Promoting The Construction of First-Rate Colleges and First-Rate Disciplines, held special topic researches, expert discussion meetings, public discussion meetings, listened to the opinions from 109 universities and 12 provincial departments in Sichuan, formulated Sichuan scheme oriented the goal of “influential provinces” with Sichuan characteristics combining the advantages of Sichuan’s universities and surrounding the economic and social development needs. The scheme has been approved by Sichuan Deepening Reform Leading Group.

  Secondly, hierarchical classification construction. Sichuan has specified the construction methods and thought of “hierarchical classification, striving for first-rate, and comprehensive improvement”, promoted the construction of first-rate universities, strove to create at least 1 university as world class by 2020 and 15 universities by 2030, strengthened the construction of first-rate disciplines, tried to create about 10 world advanced disciplines by 2020 and 30 disciples in 2030, created about 100 advantageous disciplines with national influences and competitiveness and about 120 special disciplines closely integrated into supporting the major demands of Sichuan’s industrial upgrading, and innovation development, and constructed major new-type high-end think-tanks based on about 50 disciplines. Sichuan will construct four first-rates including world first-rate, national first-rate, regional first-rate, and similar first-rate as well as research universities, high-level universities, applied technical universities, higher vocational colleges, and private colleges to guide the university development of differential characteristics.

  Thirdly, strengthening policy guaranteeing. Sichuan will provide integrated supporting for ministerial and provincial universities, conduct dynamic management, performance assessment, break identity solidification, and promote all participation of 109 universities. Sichuan has located construction funds to support the building of 11 provincial universities and 22 disciplines. In 2017, Sichuan will initiate the application and approval work of first batch of Sichuan First-Rate Disciplines together with Sichuan Development and Reform Commission and Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance based on rules of “competition priority, expert evaluation, government choosing, and third-party selecting”.

  Fourth, achieving initial achievements. By May 2017, in the rankings of Essential Science Indicators, there have been 27 disciplines in 2017 selected into Top 1% disciplines in the world (including 3 Top 0.1% disciplines in the world), increasing 7 disciplines compared with that of 2016. Sichuan University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China have been selected into the construction list of world first-rate universities. Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu University of Technology, Sichuan Agricultural University and Chengdu University of TCM have been enlisted into the list of first-rate universities.

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