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Work Highlights of 2017 in Five Economic Zones

  The Office of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province has recently issued the Work Highlights in Chengdu Plain Economic Zone 2017 and Work Highlights in Southern Sichuan Economic Zone 2017, Work Highlights in Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone 2017, Work Highlights in Western Panzhihua Economic Zone 2017, and Work Highlights in Northwest Sichuan Bio-economic Zone 2017. Poverty alleviation is the common theme for the five economic zones and has been listed in the work highlights of all.

  Apart from poverty alleviation, the common tasks for the five economic zones include accelerating the infrastructure construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, and intensifying ecological protection and improvement. It has been also noticed that, the sequences of the tasks in the five economic zones vary from actual conditions and levels of development. For example, Chengdu Plain Economic Zone puts the comprehensive innovation and reform at the first place, while the Western Panzhihua Economic Zone and Northwest Sichuan Economic Zone place poverty alleviation as the priority.

  The Work Highlights of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone proposes that, it will take the lead in scientific development, transformation and upgrading, constructing a moderately prosperous society, urbanization, and reform and opening up. The Work Highlights of Southern Sichuan Economic Zone stresses that, efforts should be made to make breakthroughs and realize well-off society first. The Work Highlights of Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone highlights that, the emerging growth pole of the area should be grown to reach the goal of establishing a well-off society. The Work Highlights of Western Panzhihua Economic Zone put forwards that focus should be attached on the comprehensive innovation and reform and poverty alleviation to forge a national strategic resource innovation development zone and national tourism destination for health care. According to the Work Highlights of Northwest Sichuan Economic Zone, efforts will be stepped up to accelerate the construction of the economic zone and promote the sound social and economic development.

  In 2016, Sichuan issued the Development Plan for Five Economic Zones for the first time. The Plan, by focusing on local characteristics and development potentials, proposed strategic guidance and key areas for the development, and set development targets and strategic positioning for the five economic zones. According to the Plan, Sichuan issues work highlights of all economic zones every year to implement the development plans.

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