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The General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Issues the Suggestion on Implementation of Building Chengdu National Independent Innovation Zone

  The Suggestion on Implementation of Building Chengdu National Independent Innovation Zone (2016-2025) issued by the General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government stipulates that, by 2020, a basic framework for Chengdu National Independent Innovation Zone will be established with a total output value of one trillion yuan and with 10,000 scientific and technological enterprises involved, forming a strong impetus to innovation ecology, a high-value industrial system, a world-oriented phase for open cooperation, and an effective and flexible mechanism. By 2015, a total output value of 1.5 trillion yuan will be generated, forming a cluster worth hundreds of billion yuan integrating three to five industries, so as to establish an international innovation and pioneer center.

  In 2015, the State Council approved to establish Chengdu National Independent Innovation Zone, which is the first national independent innovation zone in Sichuan Province and also in western China.

  According to the Suggestion, in order to strengthen the innovative supporting elements such as talents and finance, Sichuan will, in terms of the talents, set up special funds and forge mass innovation spaces, bring in more high-level talents and groups, improve the mutual flowing mechanism for talents in high education institutions, scientific research centers and enterprises, encourage scientific research personnel to start up businesses in the previous positions, establish benefit incentives and distribution system for scientific and technological staffs, and support the Permanent Resident Card system to attract international talents. In terms of the finance, Sichuan will intensify its efforts to promote IPR pledged lending, set up a platform for scientific, technological, and financial crowd funding, implement the preferential policies on the taxation of Angel Investments, and establish funds in the Zone to support innovation investments and lead the industrial development.

  In order to promote the cooperation among industries, educational institutions and research bases, Sichuan will support the Innovation Zone and higher education institutions to establish new industrial technical research bases, industrial technical innovation allies, and industrial parks, so as to forge a knowledge circle and a base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities and colleges. Sichuan will also gather and integrate the scientific research equipments in higher education institutions of Chengdu, and perfect the sharing and incentive mechanism for scientific and technological resources such laboratories, large scientific equipments, and scientific and technological documents and datum.

  In order to break mechanism barriers and deepen the reform in an all-round manner, Sichuan is in support of forging a refined and effective management system, and seeking innovation on the development mode of industries funded by the Government. Sichuan will further enhance the capability building in the Zone to boost innovative economy by providing assistance, subsidies, equity investments, and interest-free lending, and facilitate the development of high-end industries and strategic emerging industries by promoting the resources of productive factors such as lands and driving forces to serve emerging industries.

  In order to boost emerging industries, efforts will be made to consolidate the advantages of fields such as electronic information and equipment manufacturing, accelerate to foster IPR-intensive enterprises and establish an industrial cluster worth hundreds of billion yuan which integrates industries such as high-end equipments, biology, and finance. Sichuan will further develop social production such as 3D printing and open-source hardware, cloud production such as intelligent connected vehicles and wearable equipments, as well as new services such as the outsourcing of independent biological medical research and development and biological analysis and testing service.


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