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Foreign Trade Volume of Sichuan Province in the First 11 Months Exceeding 400 billion Yuan

  The foreign trade volume of Sichuan Province in the first 11 months this year has reached 422.69 billion yuan with a year-on-year increase rate of 46.1%. The import and export volume in November was 47.47 billion yuan, hitting a record high with increase of 30.7% over the same period of last year. Our reporter has learned it from Chengdu Customs on December 22nd.

  In the first 11 months, the export volume of Sichuan was 231.32 billion yuan, up by 40.6%, imports 191.37 billion yuan, up by 53.4%. The spokesman of Chengdu Customs said that the rapid growth of Sichuan’s foreign trade is dueto three factors: market rebound, industrial agglomeration and institutional innovation.

  In this period, the import and export volume between Sichuan and its five largest trading partners---the US, ASEAN, EU, Japan and South Korea has increased by two digits and that with ASEAN by 1.1 times. In the “Belt and Road” direction, Sichuan’s trade with Israel, Egypt, Romania, and Iraqhas grown by more than 1 time and that with Romania surged by 5.1 times. With the promotion of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, the export goods volume in foreign contracted projects of Sichuan enterprises was 3.23 billion yuan, increasing by 1.1 times.

  Driven by major projects such as Intel’s “gallant horse” and Volvo, the export of mechanical and electrical products in Sichuan has a robust momentum. In the first 11 months, over 70% of export goods “made in Sichuan” was mechanical and electrical products, of which the export of portable computers increased by 37%, and that of integrated circuit products increased by 2.7 times and cars 38.9% over the same period of last year. Foreign invested enterprises with nearly 70% of contribution to import and export volume of the whole province have got 55.6% of growth in the period, driving growth of 35.2 percentages of Sichuan’s foreign trade. Besides, the import and export volume of CDHTCBZ increased by 62.5% on year-on-year basis, and its proportion was 5.9 percentages higher than that of the same period last year, which has promoted foreign trade growth of 33 percentages of our province in the same period.

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