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Over 90% of Livelihood Projects Completed, Even Exceeding The Whole Year’s Task

  “We send our kids to the school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. They have free nutritious lunch in school.” “Now polices are so good for us. We are grateful for the party and the government.” On December 19th, when talking about children's study in the preschool, villagers in Huangniba Village,Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture all spoke highly of it.

  This year, it has been included in the Ten Livelihood Projects of Sichuan Province to “continue 15-year free education in ethnic autonomous regions”, which is to help residents in 51 counties (cities) in the ethnic autonomous regions including Muli County truly feel the benefits of the policy.

  People’s benefit is the priority.This year, our province continues to implement 10 livelihood programs and 20 livelihood projects. Recently, the reporter has learned from the inspection office of the provincial government that from January to November, the 10 livelihood programs and 20 livelihood projects were promoted in an orderly manner. Over 90% of them have been completed and even exceed the annual tasks. Among 51 sub-projects and 101 issues involved in the ten programs, 94 sub ones have been completed or exceeded their target tasks and 7 have reached or even exceeded the target schedule. Of the 20 livelihood projects, 18 have been completed or exceeded target missions and 2 have reached or exceeded the target progress.

  Among the people’s livelihood programs, the newly completed or over-fulfilled tasks in November include: 263 more cases of surgeries for poor patients with cataract, making its total amount reach 10,000; construction of 792 sets of rural teacher turnover housing, which totaled 10,057 sets; 311 more economically disadvantaged families funded, then the total amount 2128; 4091 more beds set in private and public pension institutions, then it totaling 52327; 907 new settlements in Tibetan areas, the total reaching 17348; 70 new houses built in Liangzishan Yi ethnic group regions, thus 17,377 households in all; 17 newly built or rebuilt rural ferry crossing bridges, increasing the number to 93; 84 new village sports fitness facilities, which then totals 1000.

  From medical care to education and from housing to infrastructure ... Livelihood projects have enabled more and more people to equally enjoy the fruits of economic and social development.

  “Among the 20 livelihood issues, 7 are selected from those with high public concernand the tasks of ridding poverty in 2017 collected by investigation.” Officials of the provincial government supervision office said, it includes free health check-ups, payment for basic medical insurance, and rescuing education and health funds for the poor families.

  In these 7 livelihood projects, it has been newly completed in November to complete the reimbursement of inpatient fees for the poor within counties within the scope of the policy and to support the development of rural e-commerce to help farmers sell their special products. Specifically, the special plan for poverty reduction is introduced, where the hospitalization medical expenses within the scope of policies apart from the basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance reimbursements, can be reimbursed directly according to the “one-stop” rural and urban medical insurances in the county for poor people with record files and cards. It also supports 20 counties with provincial-level e-commerce providers to get out of poverty, 11 e-commerce demonstration counties to develop rural e-commerce and establish a three-level logistics system at county, township and village, so as to help farmers sell agricultural products online and increase incomes and wealth at their doorsteps.

  As for the funds, officials of the provincial government supervision office introduced that as of the end of November, the budget allocated by all levels of finance reached 135.91 billion yuan, accounting for 117.4% of the planned arrangements.

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