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Three Major Positioning Epitomizing Sichuan Province’s “Centennial plan”

  “Take Tianfu New Area as a centennial plan and a major strategic project that matters the overall development of Sichuan Province” - Among the “Four Key Projects” made in the 2nd Session of the 11th Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Plenary, Tianfu New Area is marked as one of the “centennial plan”.

  The quality of Tianfu New Area’s construction is of great significance to further enhance the core competitiveness and impetus of Chengdu which will become a national central city. It is also important for Sichuan to gather development elements in a broader area at a higher level for its new image in the international arena.”Liu Renyuan, executive deputy director of Chengdu Administrative Commission Office, director of Chengdu Administrative Commission of Tianfu New Area, said that the word “centennial plan” has clearly defined the importance of the construction of Tianfu New Area from a strategic position, and also pointed out it’s a long-term task providing scientific guidelines for its new journey in a new era.

  Drive a New Height

  The Most Dynamic Emerging Growth Pole in Western China

  From its strategic planning to the overall plan, from the formal establishment to the rapid development, Sheng Yi, researcher of SichuanProvincial Academy of Social Sciences has been closely studying on Tianfu New Area.

  “Tianfu New Area has assumed the mission of occupying the commanding height in the future since its birth.” Sheng Yi said that it required strong support from the national new district to build China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized and beautiful modern socialist country by the middle of this century. “The capability of national new districts determines the competitiveness of a region and even the country.”

  In his opinion, Tianfu New Area has been playing a leading role in terms of growth rate and industrial upgrading level in western China in recent years.

  In the first half of this year, the investment in fixed assets in Tianfu New Area has increased by 48.4%, ranking the first among 19 new national-level zones. In the first three quarters of this year, the amount of funds in place both at home and abroad remained the highest in the state-level new zones in the western region. It is predicted that the total economic output of Sichuan Tianfu New District in 2017 is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, ranking the sixth among 19 national-level new districts.

  The flow of talent can best reflect the vitality of a region. Since the “Twelve New Talents Polices” started in Chengdu late July this year, only its part under the governance of Chengdu City has attracted 45,000 young people (43%), with an average age of 26.

  “As for the requirements of the ‘100-Year Plan’, there are still problems in the area, such as the imbalanced internal development, the lack of prominent advantages in economic growth and the small-scale high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries.”Officials of Sichuan Development and Reform Commission think that Tianfu New Area should bravely keep up with Xiongan New Area with high standards and high quality of construction. In particular, it should fully grasp the opportunities for the systematic promotion of comprehensive innovation and reform experiments, and speed up the construction of the military-civilian integration alliance of technological innovation and science and technology innovation base, nurturing growth momentum for new heights.

  New Engine in the Future

  Economic Highland in Inland Area

  The China-Europe Center in Tianfu New Area, just opening this year, has attracted 17 European institutions to sign up and settle collectively.

  “Tianfu New Area became a bridgehead for China to open to the west and south, transforming Sichuan from a hinterland and periphery of China's opening up to the opening frontier.” Professor Sun Chaoying, director of Regional Economic Research and Teaching Department of Sichuan Provincial Party School, said that Tianfu New Area is located in theintersection of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Silk Road Economic Belt. The provincial party committee has designated it as an open land economic hinterland. Its biggest feature is undoubtedly facing the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

  In her view, Tianfu New Area has obvious advantages in opening up: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport linking Chengdu International Railway Port has formed the advantages of air and rail access to Central Asia and Europe; the free trade pilot zone in Sichuan has further enhanced its investment convenience and the competitiveness of introducing top-notch technologies, talents and capital globally.

  It is learned that with the free trade pilot zone, airport economic demonstration zone, the transnational cooperation park and other cooperation platforms construction, the new area has introduced a number of major projects including Alstom from France. Liu Renyuan said that it will create a benchmark for international capacity cooperation and aim at precisely introduce World Top 500 and the USA-Euro-Janpan Top 500 companies with highlighted main business, obvious driving effects and forefront share of global market to build an industrial technological innovation center and industrial clusters with distinctive global influence and to promote a technology transfer platform for multinational corporations to promote synergies between local and multinational enterprises in the value chain.

  At present, the advantageous industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronic information, new energy, new materials and biopharmaceuticals in Tianfu New Area have accelerated their gathering. The high-end service industries such as convention and exhibition business, headquarters economy, modern finance and cultural creativity have accelerated their development. The number of industrial enterprises above standards in the new zone has reached 708.

  New Development Mode

  An International Modern Metro Suitable for Industries, Business and Living

  Surrounding water of 4500 mu, Tianfu New District has built an 8.2-kilometer green lake walkway in Xinglong Lake, which is always crowded with visitors on weekends and holidays.

  Xinglong Lake is a microcosm of the green development of Tianfu New Area. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee and government, Tianfu New Area should not only have industrial strength and a high degree of openness, but also become an internationally modernized new town suitable for business and living. Sheng Yi believes that “this is also the fundamental guarantee of the retention of people.”

  Officials of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that to build an international modernized new metropolitan, it is to make great efforts to enhance the core service functions of infrastructure, public services and ecological environment. The formation of national-level international aviation hub, regional expressway network, track lines, underground integrated corridors and other key and supportive infrastructure systems is accelerating. The western exposition center has been put into use; Tianfu Center and Chengdu Science City is gaining their industrial and population capacity. Public service facilities such as education and public health have continued to take shape. Ecological construction of Xinglong Lake and Luxi River has achieved remarkable results.

  Meishan Area has launched a total investment of 37.8 billion yuan for "two horizontal and two vertical" rapid access construction with a total length of 392 kilometers; o Tianfu International City, Qinglong Lake Wetland Park and a number of urbanization projects have been completed and put into use. Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology, Chengdu Information Engineering University Tianfu Campus, Armed Police Academy have begun to recruit students.

  “The construction of Tianfu New Area is conducive to the layout and spatial structure optimization of Chengdu, new space for regional development and a new mode of development for the‘integration of the production and the city’. Sun Chaoying said that Tianfu New Area will further improve its urban infrastructure and upgrade the energy level and quality of public service facilities so as to better interpret “suitable for industry, business and living” and assist in the “100-year plan” of Sichuan.

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