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Tourism in Sichuan Province Leading to Income Increase of 126,000 Poor People This Year

  This year 15 demonstration zones and 164demonstration villages of tourism poverty alleviation tourism have been set up in SichuanProvince with completion rates of 136% and 146% respectively. Among them newly-added country homestay of standard reached 702 and rural tourism specialties more than 500, leading to income increase and employment of 37,000 households and 126,000 poor people. This is learned by reporters from Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Commission on December 18th.

  This year, in accordance with the strategic plan of tackling the difficulties and getting rid of poverty in poverty-stricken areas, our province, with the principle of all-for-one tourism, has pushed forward poverty alleviation by tourism in poverty-stricken areas and formulated Outlines of All-for-One Tourism Development in Ethnic Groups Regions of Sichuan Province, which is to gatherresources, funds, policies on tourism industry in poor areas for comprehensive optimization of landscapes, services supply for entire area, full coverageof scenic areas, linkage of related industries, development fruit of all people to share, so as to find out of a sustainable development way with the Sichuan features.

  It is an essence of poverty alleviation by tourism this year to create the social assistance mechanism of establishing institutions and enterprises and the demonstration project construction system with joint efforts from different departments. Our province, relying on scientific research institutions, has set up "four major areas" tourism poverty alleviation and promotion center of Qinba mountain area, Wumeng mountain area, Liangshan Yi ethnic group area and Tibetan plateau area; the tourism poverty alleviation mode “scenic area driving the village, company + farmer, cooperative + farmer andable person driving the household”.

  More and more financial input is going to tourism poverty alleviation. Sichuan is to arrange not less than 50% of provincial tourism development funds to the poverty-stricken areas.Since 2016, 272.5 million yuan for poverty alleviation at provincial level have been arranged, promoting 734 tourism projects implemented by the cities, prefectures, districts and counties, accounting for 72.32% of the total; 81.5 billion yuan has been actually invested in tourism, accounting for 60.28% of actual completion of the whole province.As of now, there are 30 strong counties of rural tourism in poor areas of our province, 82 featured townships, 56 fine villages, 7 demonstration bases, 1101characteristic business shops and 1977 country houses in Sichuan, which has lead to the formation of a diversified rural tourism product system.

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