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10 Projects and 20 Matters to Improve People’s Well-being Completed

  120 events and 20 matters in Sichuan’s 10 projects to improve people’s well-being in 2016 have been comprehensively completed. Most of these events have been over-fulfilled the annual targets. While the event of “providing basic auxiliary appliances for poor and disabled people” has achieved the over fulfillment rate of 318.26%, the highest ratio in successive 2 years.

  In 2016, 10 projects to improve people’s well-being include employment promotion, poverty alleviation, assistance to minority regions, education, social guaranteeing, health care, housing, livelihood infrastructure, ecological environment, culture and sports and so on. The top 3 projects with the highest over fulfillment rate are poverty alleviation for poor disabled and healthy assistance for the disabled in poor families from poverty alleviation project and voluntary and free pre-marital medical examination in health care project.

  In accordance with these 10 projects, 20 matters to enhance people’s well-being have also been fulfilled successfully in 2016. The highest fulfillment rate is “rebuilding rural dilapidated housing for 150,000 households”. Sichuan has completed the rebuilding rural dilapidated housing of 20,600 households with the fulfillment rate of 189.11%. The top 3 projects also include improving county and town roads of 4,995.1 km with the fulfillment rate of 166.5% and rebuilding 45 bridges with the fulfillment rate of 150%.

  In terms of fund implementation, the total budget enforcement volume for all levels for 10 projects and 20 matters to improve people’s well-being in Sichuan amounts to 165.567 billion yuan, completing 124.58% of the fund arrangement. The top 3 projects in 10 projects with the highest budget enforcement funds are social security guaranteeing project with budget enforcement of 57.711 billion yuan, housing project with budget enforcement of 23.192 billion yuan and livelihood infrastructure project with budget enforcement of 22.424 billion yuan. While the top 3 matters in 20 matters with the highest budget enforcement funds cover improving the basic health care guaranteeing for rural and urban residents with 31.577 billion yuan, rebuilding dilapidated housing for 270,000 households with 15.27 billion yuan and improving 10,000 km rural roads of 12.706 billion.

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