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China Beijing Equity Exchange Will Construct Sichuan Plate to Promote Sichuan Tourism Projects

   On January 13th, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism has signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Concerning Innovation Management of Sichuan Tourism Projects with China Beijing Equity Exchange, the largest comprehensive equality exchange institute in China, in order to strengthen the innovation management of Sichuan tourism projects and promote the settlement of the investment on Sichuan tourism.

  Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism has revealed that the investment on tourism of Sichuan has increased rapidly and the contract volume of tourism projects has amounted to 142.9 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 18.2%. The actual investment on tourism projects has reached 109.9 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 24%, making Sichuan rank No. 3 in China, which is the first time that Sichuan’s investment on tourism has been listed top 3 in China.

  According to the agreement, China Beijing Equity Exchange will establish Sichuan Plate for Sichuan tourism financing projects, select and package these tourism projects, bring them into systematic management, release their prices in unity, focus on the docking with investors, and expand the financing channels of Sichuan tourism projects.

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