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Sichuan: Tourism Plus Capital to Develop New Situation

  Recently, the first batch of Sichuan optimization programs, including Sichuan Mianyang Huya Ecological Tourism Area Program, Guangyuan Tangjia River Tourism Area, Aba Seergu Tibetan Water Village and so on, have been enlisted on the Major Program Recommendation Plate of China Beijing Equity Exchange and initiated exchange. This is the first time that Sichuan tourism programs have been traded in China Beijing Equity Exchange.

  Mr. Wu Nuchuan, president of China Beijing Equity Exchange, holds the opinion that Sichuan is rich with tourism responses, needs more professional investment and financing platforms to find good investors based on different situations of these programs, and accelerates the integration of tourism responses and capital.

  Now, in Sichuan, there are over 4,000 tourism resources of all kinds, including 11 top tourism places of interests in the world and over 400 national level tourism resources. In recent years, Sichuan has made great efforts in the interconnection of transportation, communications and other infrastructure. Therefore, regional transportation condition has been improved continuously. Mr. Hao Kangli, director of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism, introduces that the per capita GDP of Sichuan has amounted to over 5,700 US dollars, the resident consumption is changing from necessity to development and enjoyment, the tourism consumption needs of high quality, personalization and diversification are experiencing explosive growth, and enormous tourism consumption market needs exploring.

  Tourism is becoming an important driving force of expanding investment, promoting consumption and stabilize economic growth, which is inseparable with the releasing of multiple supporting policies. Sichuan has opened green channels for tourism programs in administrative approval, released a series of policy documents such as Opinions Concerning Accelerating to Construct Sichuan into Powerful Tourism Province, increased the supporting in taxation, financing, and so on, and build an excellent system environment for Sichuan to the releasing of Sichuan tourism investment potential and making tourism industry enter into a trillion yuan era. 

  China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference sponsored by Sichuan Provincial People's Government and the Investment Association of China was held in Chengdu on July 23rd. 150 domestic and overseas foreign tourism companies, well-known enterprises and investors were invited to participate. During the conference, Sichuan signed strategic cooperation agreements and tourism investment programs about promoting the development of tourism with numerous enterprises and financing institutes including China Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation, China International Travel Service Limited, and so on, concerning fields such as tourism infrastructure, cultural tourism, rural tourism, self-driving tourism, mountain tourism, hotel construction and so on with the contract value of 39.37 billion yuan.

  In the first half year, the overall revenue of tourism industry in Sichuan is 307 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 28.6%. The contracted volume of tourism programs amounts to 88 billion yuan, increasing 94.6%. The finished investment of tourism programs is 53.2 billion yuan, up 36.5%. As a green, recyclable and low carbon industry, tourism is becoming an important channel for Sichuan to achieve industrial transference and upgrading. 

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