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Sichuan Agriculture Enterprises Achieved Great Economic Benefit from Overseas Market; Turnover Increased Ten Times in One Year

     It is the first time to build agriculture cooperation parks beyond Chinese boarders; oversea economy and trade this year will cover five continents.

     On January 13, after one week since “Chuvash-Sichuan Agricultural Cooperation Park Forum” ended, more than a dozen people who were in charge of agricultural enterprises came together in Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and prepared specific plans to develop farming in Eastern European Great Plains. Signed last October, the “Chuvash-Sichuan Agricultural Cooperation Park’s Comprehensive Construction Investment Agreement” was the first cooperation park between Chinese and Russian governments. The first phase of construction included modern breeding, slaughter and meat processing bases, and cold storage, logistics centers and trading market and other agricultural industry chain project. The “Agriculture Corps” of Sichuan will play an active role, display and prove themselves over more than 30 acres of land.

     Chuvash -Sichuan Agricultural Cooperation Park is a Miniature of “Sichuan Famous” Agriculture Engine Developing in Oversea Country

     In 2014, Sichuan province laid emphasis on both economic and trading products and technologies, and promoted them to “go oversea”. Agriculture continued to expand the scope of foreign trade activities, and move in depth. Oversea markets of agricultural products developed fast. Over the past year, the Provincial Department of Agriculture combined plans to open up overseas markets with “Ten Thousand Enterprises Expand Oversea Market” activity leaded by the provincial government; joined hands with Department of Commerce and Trade Promotion Department, and consequently organized about 200 enterprises and helped them promote advantage industries such as seeds and farming machinery to expand oversea markets through this ASEAN trip. Expanding first in Hong Kong and Macao, they have already built a “Four-in-One” three-dimensional platform for promoting agricultural products and Sichuan brands of tea, sized new opportunities in Russian market and led more agriculture enterprises to expand oversea market together. Deals over 10 billion yuan was closed on scene, which surpassed the previous record made by agricultural enterprises’ oversea exhibition. The Provincial Department of Agriculture actively participated to expand oversea market along its trip and thus went to India, Sri Lanka to open up the South Asian market. “In 2013, agricultural enterprises had closed agreement deals with a total value of 38 million yuan in oversea market; the actual turnover was 120 million yuan; in 2014 agreement turnover soared to 3.369 billion yuan, with an actual turnover of up to 1.2 billion yuan, increased tenfold.” Official from Provincial Agriculture Department said to reporter.

     Industrial chain projects with comparative advanced technical cooperation were thriving in Asia, Africa and Europe. Took full advantage of existing resources platform of international agricultural cooperation, Sichuan Province frequently encouraged and helped enterprises to develop in oversea market. In virtue of the “South-South Cooperation” project, 5 Sichuan enterprises, including Sichuan Kehong Group, will intensify the step of turning the China-Uganda modern agricultural park into reality with a long-term goal of 100 acres; with Agricultural Aid to Burma Project, the “China-Burma Grain Demonstration Zone” project, jointly built by three enterprises including Sichuan Agricultural Hi-tech companies, has already been launched. With the help of “Mesopotamia” cooperation projects, Chuvash Agricultural cooperation Park is progressing steadily. Those three parks filled the blanks that Sichuan has no oversea agricultural cooperative park. “Compared with 2014, this year is expected to doubled overseas promotion activities; for the first time economic activity will to achieve full coverage on five continents.” official from Provincial Agriculture Department said. As planned, this year’s agriculture “going-out” activity will be up to 14 preliminary events. In addition to the Moscow International Food Fair, Hong Kong International Tea Fair, for the first time agricultural activities will reach out to the Latin America and Oceania. The Provincial Agriculture Department would also organize enterprises to participate in international food exhibition in Brazil, the Australian Royal Agricultural Expo and other activities.

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