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Sichuan Builds Famous Tea Key Demonstration Areas

     On December 21st, First China Famous Tea Key Demonstration Area Construction and Organic Tea Cultural Industry Development Forum co-sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and Sichuan Tea Industry Association was held in Chengdu. Dozens of experts, scholars and enterprise representatives discussed the development ideas and implementation methods of constructing China Famous Tea Key Demonstration Area.

     There are over 120 counties (cities, districts) in Sichuan planting teas, covering an area of 4.206 million mu in total with the tea production of 219,000 tons, ranking 3 respectively in China. However, the lack of brand influence limits the going global of Sichuan tea. To break the bottleneck, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences proposes to plan 15 cities within the diamond area with the points of Guangyuan, Ya’an, Yibin, Xichang as China Famous Tea Key Area, integrate all kinds of available resources, follow the multiple paths of high-end orientation and species diversity, and enhance the competitiveness of Sichuan tea.

     Currently, Organic Tea Alliance Core Membership Units of Sichuan Tea Industry Association unite a number of investment companies in China to ensure to construct 3 key demonstration areas of China famous tea in Ya’an, Lvzhou, and Chengdu. The basic requirements for key demonstration areas are to create organic and green tea, establish and perfect the system of technological standards, security safeguarding, processing, and marketing, supervising, tracing of products, develop in group, promote more Sichuan tea companies to be trillions, encourage more Sichuan tea enterprise to go global and let the whole world drink and appreciate Sichuan tea.

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