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Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway Officially Opened

  After over three years’ conservation, Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway, a total length of 74 km, was completed by the end of 8 p.m. on June 3.

  On May 27, the reporter experienced driving on Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway before it was officially opened. Drive straight 3 to 4 km along Chengnan Avenue to Luzhou South Toll Gate. Wang Dachun, manager of Engineering Department of Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway Southeast Company, said, “The most convenient entrance for urban citizens to drive on Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway is Luzhou South.” The interchange located in Luzhou South has been connected with completed Chengnan Avenue and Circle Highway. It is the nearest expressway entrance from Luzhou.

  At 9 a.m., the bus which the reporter was on started from Luzhou South Toll Gate at a speed of 100 km per hour. It took only 20 minutes to arrive at Hejiang Exit. Everyone was amazed by the speed. 35 minutes later, the bus got to Bailu Toll Gate and entered to the border area of Luzhou and Chongqing. Yang Xiangfu, the driver, said, “The expressway is wide with fewer curves and no tunnel at all. The expressway is wonderful. The most outstanding feature is time saving. It will only take one and a half hour to get to Chongqing from Luzhou, an hour faster than before.”

  Two cross-rover bridges are the highlight and the controlling project in constructing the expressway. No. 1 Hejiang Yangtze River Bridge is a half-through concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge, 841 meters long in total, its main span making it rank first in the world among the same type of bridges. No. 1 Hejiang Yangtze River Bridge is 1,715 meters in length, 30 meters in width, and 208 meters of cable bent tower in height, the highest cable bent tower in Sichuan. There are walkways of both these two bridges. Luzhou - Chongqing Expressway is also a garden path. According to Wang Dachun, in the green area and two sides, beautiful flowers have been planted, such as cotton rose, Chinese redbud, with evergreen shrubs. Every 4 km there is a different combination of plants.

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