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New Urbanization Rate of Chengdu Reached 60.2%

  It has been 6 years since Chengdu began to construct comprehensive assorting reform pilot areas of urban and rural development. After analyzing and calculating qualified data concerning 315 townships(sub-districts), 475 neighborhood committees and 2354 agriculture-related communities in 19 districts, counties and High-tech Zone, on May 7, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Statistics released Comprehensive Evaluation and Monitoring Report on Chengdu’s New Urbanization in 2012. According to the report, Chengdu’s new urbanization rate reaches 60.2%, up 1.4 percentage points over the previous year. 

  New urbanization rate of central city: 96.7%

  The commonest indicator to measure the level of urbanization of a city is population urbanization rate. While the 22 indicators to evaluate Chengdu’s new urbanization rate, covering economic level, the quality of the population, infrastructure, public services and living quality, are combined the opinions of exports and scholars and Chengdu’s own situation.

  Statistics show that the permanent resident population of Chengdu is 14.1778 million in total. The permanent resident population of colleges in 475 pure urban neighborhood committees and administrative villages is 5.6353 million. Among 2,354 agriculture-related communities and new rural communities, 2,109 communities have reached the new urbanization standards, with the population of 2,9046 million. “Adding the two figures together, we get that the permanent resident population of 8,5399 million has reached the standards of production and living for city residents in Chengdu in 2012. Therefore, new urbanization rate of Chengdu is 60.2%.”

  Judging from the specific situation of each district and county, the new urbanization rate of Qingyang District, 98.1%, is the highest. The rate of the central city’s first sphere is 96.7%, the second sphere 49.8% and the third sphere 34.3%. Wenjiang, Longquan and Xindu are top three in the second sphere, while Dujiangyan, Xinjin and Pengzhou are top three in the third sphere.

  The development pace of new urbanization in three spheres is basically the same.

  In accordance with the report, the new urbanization development of Chengdu in 2012 has two main features. First, the development pace of new urbanization in three spheres is basically the same. Second, the new urbanization rate of 34 key towns is higher than that of the general towns.

  Analysts from Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Statistics told that the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure in central city in 2012, especially the reconstruction in Chenghua District and Jinniu District had greatly enhanced the infrastructure and residents’ living quality. “The new urbanization of the first and second spheres has increased 1.4 percentage points and the third sphere 1.5 percentage points, which showed that the development pace of new urbanization in three spheres were basically the same, different from the situation of the previous two years.” In addiction, the new urbanization rate of 34 key towns is 37.3%, up 1.2 percentage points, higher than that of general towns, 29.9%.

  The results of evaluation shows the descending order of the five fields on score is economic urbanization, population urbanization, living quality urbanization, infrastructure urbanization and public service urbanization. The growth of the score of living quality urbanization is the fastest, an increase of 5.3%. The growth of the score of public service urbanization is among the top, but its total score is the lowest. “The less density of endowment insurance coverage, commercial retail outlets and financial institutions constrains the degree of urbanization development of public service.”


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