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The 2012 Cross-Strait Broadcasting Seminar was held in Chengdu
  On August 21st, the 2012 cross-Strait broadcasting seminar was held in Chengdu. More than 50 colleagues, experts and scholars in the broadcasting industry from the mainland and Taiwan gathered to explore the exchanges and cooperation between cross-strait broadcasting stations and look into the development and future of broadcasting in the digital area. Member of the standing committee of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and minister of Sichuan Propaganda Department Wu Jingping, director of China National Radio Wang Qiu and director general of the Information Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council Yang Yi attended the seminar and delivered speeches. Honorary chairman of Taiwan Broadcasting Association Li Jianrong and chairman of the association Liao wanchi were present at the seminar.

  Since 1995 when it was held for the first time, the cross-strait broadcasting seminar has been respectively held for10 times in the mainland and Taiwan. It is an exchange event of the broadcasting industry with the highest specifications, the widest scope and the most participants. In this seminar, colleagues in the broadcasting industry from the mainland and Taiwan shared wisdom and discussed heatedly over topics such as “exchanges and cooperation on management and the business model of the cross-strait broadcasting industry” and “how to strengthen the application of new technologies and promote the development of the broadcasting industry”.

  On behalf of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Wu Jingping expressed congratulations for the convening of the seminar, sincerely welcomed all the leaders and guests present at the seminar, and invited colleagues in the broadcasting industry across the Taiwan Strait to visit Sichuan. He mentioned that Sichuan has enjoyed the fame of the "land of abundance" since ancient times, that in recent years Sichuan has created “three miracles”: the earthquake relief, the post-quake restoration and reconstruction, and the accelerated development after the disaster, and that Sichuan is realizing the historical leap from a major economy province in the West of China to a national economically strong province. For a long time, the development of the broadcasting industry in Sichuan has been strongly supported by the Central People's Broadcasting Station and has won common concern of colleagues in the broadcast industry across the Taiwan Strait. We are especially touched by the disaster relief fund-raising launched by the broadcasting industry in Taiwan and your efforts to support the earthquake-stricken area after the “5•12” Wenchuan earthquake, which fully embody deep affection between compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The convening of this cross-strait broadcasting seminar in Sichuan will powerfully promote and facilitate the development of the broadcasting industry in Sichuan, further strengthen the cross-strait exchanges and cooperation of colleagues in the broadcasting industry, further enhance understanding and affection between compatriots on both sides of the Taiwai Strait, and further promote the sound and rapid development of the broadcasting industry in Sichuan.

  In his speech, Wang Qiu stated that it is the incumbent responsibility and undertaking of broadcasters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to spread and promote the Chinese culture. He encouraged colleagues across the Taiwan Strait to broaden their communication field, be innovation in terms of the interchange situation, upgrade the cooperation level, and work together to create a brilliant and better tomorrow for the cross-strait broadcasting industry.

  Yang Yi urged broadcasters across the Taiwan Strait to do what they ought to do, cooperate in programs, technologies, business operation, management and other aspects, and further promote cross-strait cultural exchanges.
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